SER Jobs for Progress Gala ~ Le Zu Photography

Before I begin I have to say I am extremely honored to have photographed this next event. SER-Jobs is an amazing organization that began as a volunteer job bank for Hispanic Veterans and is now a nationwide network. It was an honor to see how much they have impacted the community and how vast of a support system they have gained throughout the years. The gala hosted over 300 people and took place at the AMAZING, historical Rice Lofts in Downtown. It was truly an honor to be amongst many of the well known political figures in the Hispanic community, as well as many well known figures in the Houston community. I had to take a moment at one point to take it all in and realize I was amongst all of these amazing people and how awesome it felt! SER-Jobs keep doing what you’re doing! Its been a long road coming and you guys are just hitting the surface! I hope to attend next years event!!

Without further ado, the SER-Jobs for Progress Gala!

If you would like more information about SER-Jobs for progress please visit their website at

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