Valentine’s Day Special!! ~ Le Zu Photography ~

Hello lovelies!!!

Guess what holiday is just around the corner?!! Yup thats right Valentines Day!!! Of course its the day of all mushy, gushy goodness and candy hearts but what if you could give your special someone that something EXTRA SEXY!! For one week and one week only I am running a Valentines Day Special for Boudoir photos!! Thats right ladies, give your sexy man a little something extra this year! I will be hosting a Boudoir party for ONE DAY and one day only! It will be at a super secret hotel and will include a makeup artist and some yummy photography done by yours truly!! 😉

This special will only last until next Wednesday January 11th, 2012 (that’s still weird to write by the way, just saying)! So grab this special now before time runs out!! I will be taking 6 and only 6 ladies for this boudoir party and will not be adding anymore. If for some reason you cannot make the date of the party and still wish to get some super sexy photos done, email me at and I’d be more than happy to setup a private session with you!

I just want to make one thing clear though boudoir photos are private photos that only the following people will see; the person being photographed (you), the photographer (me) and of course whom ever will be receiving the ultra sexy photos! NO ONE ELSE WILL BE SEEING THESE PHOTOS! Unless of course you wish to post them then that is your business or if you would like for me to post them I do not mind. However, I feel that the photos are private photos and should remain private.

If you have anymore questions or would wish to book your session please email me at Remember the special will ONLY LAST FOR ONE WEEK!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Trust me you’ll want to book with me asap because to be honest I am feeling extremely inspired right now and need some beautiful ladies to photograph!!! So come on, open up your emails and email me to book your session!!!

Much love!!
Layla!! xoxooxo!

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