Taylor with a touch of the 80’s ~ Le Zu Photography

We all know that deep down we all LOVE the 80’s. Yes its okay you can admit with me, I mean come on what’s not to love? We’ve got
big teased hair, tool, parachute pants, NEON COLORS!, side ponytails and you can’t forget the ROCKEN’ music!!! If there is a time machine that can take me back a couple decades, I’d love to travel to the 80’s and be apart of that era. I was born in the 80s but as my brother says I can’t claim that I’m from the decade cause I only got to spend two years in it. A GIRL CAN DREAM CAN’T SHE?!!

Anywhoo, this next young lady is in love with the 80s just as much as I am and we decided to do an 80s inspired shoot! We didn’t go all out but we did put a touch of 80s, along with a smidgen of vintage.

Taylor thank you so much for posing for me!!! You are beautiful and I love you to pieces!!!

Thank you so much!! Much love!!!
Layla xoxo C:

Ladies and Gents, please enjoy! 🙂

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