Sara & Bruce. Engagement. Le Zu Photography

First of all, I want to congratulate my best friend of 10 years on her engagement to such a wonderful man! I am so happy for you Sara! I wish you and Bruce all the best in everything that is about to come y’alls way. I cant wait until one year from now to be standing with the rest of your bridal party watching you and Bruce promise yourselves to each other. I will be crying with everyone else because I definitely cried when you told me Bruce proposed and you said YES!!!

When I book client photos I like to find something unique to each and every person/couple and thats exactly what I did when finding a place for Sara and Bruce’s photos. We ventured to the land of Santa Fe’s Haak Winery and as soon as we stepped outside Sara’s exact words were, “Layla! Its Perfect!” (Little pat on the back.) It was a gorgeous winery and even though we got eaten up by mosquitos we had a blast doing it!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen please meet the gorgeous Iranian Princess Sara and her one and only Filipino Prince Bruce.

I love you both and congrats my loves!
xxoo Layla

Our gorgeous venue for the evening!!

I love it when test shots come out perfect!

This is one of my most favorite shots I have ever taken!

Lets hike up our skirt and put our hands on our hips! 🙂

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