Tiger’s Den Shotokan Belt Test! Le Zu Photography ~ League City, TX

Growing up with a martial arts background has helped me know exactly when to snap the shutter to capture those action shots that people die for. I will let the photos speak for themselves. This is only a handful of the photos taken from the day just to show some highlights. Keep in mind these are all unedited. 🙂

Sensei Omar getting the first group of kids ready.

Master Zuhair coaching a nervous child.

Before the test.

Bowing to show respect and to start the test!

I know this is a blurry photo but I just had to put it in here.

A parent’s view of the test.

A lot of people have stage fright and aren’t able to perform in front of people. Well that rarely comes as an issue to our children. They are required to perform in front of people and half of the time it is done solo. It takes a lot of courage to get up and perform in front of people. I know that personally I have a hard time public speaking but when it comes to performing martial arts I have no problem and neither do these children. 🙂

Of course I love these little moments when the kids are listening to their instructors speak.

Yayyy!!! They all passed!!

Test #2!

These are the moments I get paid to capture!

One of the strongest kids of the bunch! This is why girls rule!!

Its all about the angle!

Alright so push-ups are a big part of the strength and conditioning involved in the martial arts. For our kids they are required to do FINGER TIP push-ups! Yes you read that right! FINGER TIP PUSH-UPS! Thank goodness I never had to do them! Now this little girl is the ONLY girl in this group and she, of course, beat out all of the guys and stayed up the longest without complaining! All of the boys were complaining and moving around from the pain, this little one toughed it out and gave the boys a run for their money!

This little boy is going to be one of my favorite people to shoot at the black belt test in May. He is so precise and has really good technique! Loved it!

Yayyy! They all passed!!

If you like what you see check out the Tiger’s Den Martial Arts website!! http://www.tigersdenmartialarts.com They offer great programs and specialize in children! They also offer adult martial arts classes as well as Fitness Kickboxing. The newest program is a State Licensed Pre-K Academy. With two great locations in Clear Lake and League City and a third one opening up in Seabrook.

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