Lara Jade Workshop

Back in July I had the pleasure of going to the Big Apple and participate in a workshop by the fabulous Lara Jade!! She ran a great workshop and we had a lot of shooting time, which was great! We started off on the rooftop and melted away while shooting this beautiful red-head below, if you thought Houston was hot you are sadly mistaken. It was really awesome though to get my first rooftop shoot under my belt and I’m dying to do another one! After we did a couple hours on the roof we went inside and learned some studio techniques and I have to say I’m not a big fan of studio shooting but now I love it! The photos are only a few out of the 800 that were taken, so you can only imagine how much shooting time we got! I will put up a part two of the workshop later on but I just wanted to show you all what I have so far!! Enjoy!!!

Me and the fabulous Lara Jade

Some of the studio shots

Model: AC/IK
Stylist: SW
Make Up: DA
Hair: D

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