Jenah turns 1!!! – Le Zu Photography –

Jenah is turning 1!!! Ahhhh!! Where has the time gone?? This little one has brought such joy into my family’s life! I cannot wait to throw her, her 1st birthday party in a couple weekends!! She is Dora’s biggest fan and she runs around the house yelling “DOOO ITTT!!!” We have no idea what she’s referring to but we all yell it with her. She’s growing up so fast!! Only 16 more days until she’s officially 1!!! Happy Birthday Jenah!

Love Aunite Layla xoxo

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4 responses to “Jenah turns 1!!! – Le Zu Photography –

  • Noor

    DOOOO ITTTT!!! lol your the best aunt anyone could have!! the pics are amazing!!! love them and you šŸ™‚

  • Cari

    oh my gosh I feel like it was just yesterday when we were at the hospital waiting for this little angel to be born!!!!! and now she’s turning 1 oh my gosh time has truly flown by but soon we will be seeing another little one to keep us all busy. life is good and we are truly blessed to have this little one in our lives. Happy 1st bday Jenna I love you with all my heart and well yes sorry to say Noor and Layla she has taken y’alls place,,,, lol

  • Hana

    she’s so adorable!!

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