Hello world!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my temporary blog!!!

Now first off the reason this will be my temporary blog is because the blog site I am planning to use, finger’s crossed, is not cooperating with me at the moment and I have things I would like to blog about!

First off, welcome to everyone that is a fan of mine and I greatly thank everyone for viewing my work and leaving all of the wonderful comments on my Facebook page! They are greatly appreciated! I am so happy to have so many wonderful fans!

Here is a little about Le Zu Photography! Where does Le Zu comes from? Well, Le-comes from Layla (my first name) and Zu-comes from my father’s name Zuhair. Now I know my name doesn’t have an E in it but La Zu just didn’t sound right so I went with Le instead. The reason I chose my father’s name is because is the Arabic customs the children take their father’s name as their middle name. So that’s where my name came from. πŸ™‚ Le Zu Photography is officially a year old! YIPPIE!! It has been a great year for me so far and I look forward to many more years to come!

Many of you don’t know but photography is more than a hobby for me, its my life! I pretty much sleep, eat and breathe photography. I don’t know where I would be without it. It all started out with, and I know my dad will thank me for giving him credit for this. One day we were on the beach and I was taking pictures of some seagulls with my 35mm (film) camera and my dad turned and looked at me and said I think it’s time you change your major to photography. I went home, thought about it and realized that the business route was just not the way to go- so I changed from business to an art major and have stuck with it since then. I am FINALLY graduating, come December and I am super excited! Everyone has asked me what are my plans after graduation, to be honest I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I know that I want to attend grad school but I also want to travel but everything is still up in the air. I guess where ever the wind will take me that’s where I’ll be. πŸ™‚

Lately, I have been super busy with many wonderful clients and I greatly thank each and everyone of them for everything! Without clients I wouldn’t have a business!!

I am hoping to expand my business over the summer and get things really rolling! This blog is one of the things that I am planning on incorporating into my business. Leave comments whether nay or yay for the blog.

Thanks everyone!!! I will blog again very shortly….most likely in the next couple of hours!

Much love!


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