Hayden’s Senior Session ~ Le Zu Photography

This next handsome fella’ in a few short weeks graduating from high school and moving to Missouri to play football!! How exciting! We headed down to the beach to take his pictures and snuck in a quick family session as well!

Hayden, I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, I don’t watch football very much but I will definitely try and watch one of your games! Keep smiling! You never know when a modeling agent will try and steal you away from the football field! 😉

All my best!
Ladies & Gents, please some Mr. Hayden some love!! 🙂

Wafa’s Bridal Session ~ Le Zu Photography

Oh what to say about this next lady. Well, she is one of my dear friends and I love her to pieces!! And well her dress is just AMAZING TOO!! I am so happy that I got to do her post wedding bridal’s for her, she looked simply stunning!! I do have to thank another old friend for doing her hair and makeup! If you are a looking to get yo’ hair did you need to call Randi with Hair & Makeup by Randi, she does an amazing job-just look below and you’ll see!
Without further ado I’d like to introduce to you the beautiful Wafa!!!
xoxo ~Layla

Rania’s Bridal Session ~ Le Zu Photography

Hello Darlings!!!
This next beautiful lady got married recently and Im so happy that we got to do some bridals together! We went for a simple, post wedding look and we had so much fun doing it!

Rania you are simply stunning!!

Ladies and Gents show some love for Ms. Rania!!
xoxo ~Layla

SER Jobs for Progress Gala ~ Le Zu Photography

Before I begin I have to say I am extremely honored to have photographed this next event. SER-Jobs is an amazing organization that began as a volunteer job bank for Hispanic Veterans and is now a nationwide network. It was an honor to see how much they have impacted the community and how vast of a support system they have gained throughout the years. The gala hosted over 300 people and took place at the AMAZING, historical Rice Lofts in Downtown. It was truly an honor to be amongst many of the well known political figures in the Hispanic community, as well as many well known figures in the Houston community. I had to take a moment at one point to take it all in and realize I was amongst all of these amazing people and how awesome it felt! SER-Jobs keep doing what you’re doing! Its been a long road coming and you guys are just hitting the surface! I hope to attend next years event!!

Without further ado, the SER-Jobs for Progress Gala!

If you would like more information about SER-Jobs for progress please visit their website at http://www.serhouston.org

Moreno Family Photos ~ Le Zu Photography

If there’s one thing that I love its super casual family photos on the beach barefoot! That’s exactly what we did for this next family’s photos! Even though we had a tough time getting little Levi to smile, we still had a great time capturing their beautiful faces on the beach!
Moreno family, you guys are such a beautiful family and I had a wonderful time with you guys!!
Love you guys!
xoxo ~ Layla
Ladies & Gents The Moreno’s!

Palestinian Festival 2012 ~ Le Zu Photography

The post many of you have been waiting for is finally here!! A couple of weekends ago Houston hosted the 2nd Annual Palestinian Festival at Jones Plaza and it was extremely successful! I am so honored to have been the festival’s photographer along with a couple other people and I am so proud to share these photos with everyone! I have to give a huge thank you to my second shooter on the first day of the festival, Justin thank you so much for coming out and helping me! You got some amazing shots and I thank you for all your help! I would also like to thank Mr. Amer Taha for giving me such an amazing opportunity and I hope to be the photographer again next year’s event! 🙂
Now this isn’t even a fraction of the photos; there are so many photos and it was so hard to choose which ones went on here and which ones didn’t. It’s an extra long blog post so be prepared! I promise it’s worth it though!
I hope you all enjoy all of the COLOR!!!
Much love!
xoxo~ Layla

Neal Family Photos ~ Le Zu Photography

I absolutely love this bluebonnet field and this amazing family!! They photograph beautifully and I am so happy that I got to capture their smiling faces!! Thank you Neal family for choosing me to capture your awesome “cheeses”.
Much love!!!
Ladies & Gents! The Neal’s! 🙂

I love his cheese!

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